Welcome to Waldux!

What is it?

Waldux is a spin-off of the operating system Linux. It is based on the stable 4.9.x Linux branch. The main purpose of Waldux is to keep support for architectures deprecated by the Linux kernel. One of the use-cases is to allow regression testing of the uClibc-ng C library on all supported architectures of it.

The idea started after avr32 architecture support was dropped in Linux 4.12.x. It then manifested after it was decided to deprecate and remove score, unicore, metag, frv and m32r in 4.17 release cycle.

Their might be a good chance that it will be degenerated to a Frankenstein Linux.


Support for raspberry pi and c-sky architecture was added early in 2018.


Get the source via following command:

$ git clone git://waldux.rocks/git/waldux

Or via HTTPS (can be used with a proxy):

$ git clone https://git.waldux.rocks/git/waldux.git


If you have any comments, patches or criticism you can send an e-mail to wbx at waldux dot rocks.

Have fun!